Service Level Agreement



d2go provides hosted products and services, including but not limited to The Driver Challenge. As part of our hosting services, d2go strives to provide a stable and highly available hosting system for resellers and end-users, so that they do not have to worry about server and database issues. This document describes the guaranteed service levels to be expected from paying customers.

Service levels for hosted products and services

The section below describes the services offered as part of d2go's paid hosted products and services.

Server support

d2go's cloud servers are hosted in a controlled, secure and highly available environment. The following services are performed on a regular basis:

  • Major updates will be conducted after hours or at the discretion of the d2go personnel in order to minimize down time.
  • Regular database and server health checks.
  • Regular verified virtual machine and database backups.

Service level policy

d2go provides a 99.5% monthly uptime guarantee for its paid hosted products and services, excluding any Geotab planned or unplanned maintenance or service interruptions. d2go will not be held responsible or issue any credits for Geotab service interruptions.

Service monitoring

d2go servers and services are monitored 24 hours a day via fully redundant internal and external monitoring systems. Service level reports can be obtained upon request for specific month.

Service credits

The service level threshold of 99.5% monthly uptime should always be upheld. In the event that for any given month, the calculated service level performance measure falls below this threshold, service credits will be applied to paying clients. Service credits are gained at a rate of 5% for every full percentage point under the 99.5% service level threshold, to a maximum credit of 100%.

Service credit £ = (99.5 - x) * 5 * y
"x" is the calculated service availability (%) for a given month, excluding down time caused by Geotab service interruptions and rounded to the closest half percentage point (ie: 98.76 becomes 99.0);
"y" is the price owed by the client for the products or services for that given month.

d2go acknowledges and agrees that the service credits defined above is a price adjustment reflecting the value of any lost service caused by failure to meet a service level. Both parties agree that the service credits are a reasonable method of price adjustment to reflect poor performance.

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